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Island Vacay: July 5 - 19th


Our island vacay started in Victoria. We stayed at the Strathcona on top of Big Bad John's... where I still haven't been hahaha... We walked around the city and Sitka had big tables you could sit at and drink beer... so we did!

The boy did not have a good sleep. We ended up bringing him into the bed with us. We were worried we would wake up the people around us. It felt like I ended up standing the whole night and getting up at 6:30. It was awful. He usually sleeps right through the night and now that we are home he is back to his normal self. He now has two little teeth chilling in his grill! haha..

play area on the ferry - not doing that again! 
Sitka ramp

Soft stuff on the skim board.. hmm.. 

Bed hog! 


Next we went to Courtney to meet up with the rest of the family for Krista's celebration of life. We spent Saturday at Auntie Helen's. It was awesome chilling in the yard and visiting with all the fam. I ran around and got pictures with everyone - some I knew... some I didn't... some I did a long time ago. It was just a spur of the moment thought and I am glad I did... cause I got some good ones!

Sunday we all gathered at Uncle Wolf's where words were spoken, a tree was planted with the ashes, and balloons were written on and released. 

Even though this was a sad event, it was really good to see everyone and get to spend some time. Hopefully next time we all get together it is for something more pleasant... like a wedding anniversary in Hawaii??!!! and maybe a Vancouver tree and old bar tour? 
Taco Bell Nanaimo chill 
The Best Western Courtney 
Recycling bin action

Pit's ready to scoot! 
Walking to Auntie Helen's from the Best Western.  Sam had a shopping cart - Courtney Limo. 

Auntie Helen's back yard party! 

Taking pictures with everyone

Pictures of pictures in auntie Helen's home. 

Trying to get a family pic. 
Pit stop on the way back to the hotel. 
Another... pit stop! 
Jonny and Sam sharing snacks. 

Dad and the sailboat picture. 

The Best Western where we stayed... bye! 


Jonny, the boy, and I got up and headed to Ucuelet during the boy's first nap. We almost made it all the way there before he woke up but we didn't. We stopped on the side of the road and had a bottle... and we had apples. When we got there we were starved. This boat restaurant was the first place that we saw. We got the boy out of his seat and headed to the boat where we were rejected. The pub was open but the family dining wasn't. Oh well... onto the next spot. 

We saw Rich at lunch and planned for surfing. I rented a suit at Relic ($40 for 3 days) and we headed to Cox Bay where my friend Bonnie was already surfing. I stayed in for about an hour but I noticed the boy and Jonny pacing around. I came back in and they were not having a good beach time. Too much sand, drool, and sun. OK... pack it in. The waves were small but I got a couple. First time back in the water since the boy and it felt good! 

We met the rest of the fam back at The Black Stone. Holy crap this place is nice. We totally don't deserve this and feel spoiled. It was awesome. We didn't really like the restaurant... too $$ and too many ingredients I had to Google. Keep it simple I say! The next night we made dinner in our room. Mucho better. 

I got up to meet Rich for 6am surf but there were no waves. We went to Wickinish Beach and Long Beach to look at the ocean. Nothing! But... perfect Barbie waves for Belle. So, Belle and I spent the day in the water catching the white wash. I have dreamed of surfing with Belle and it finally came true. I have a new surf buddy!! Surf training for Maui is on. Dad, mom, Sam, Heidi, and Laya chilled on the beach  - Long Beach - while we were in the water. Dad at the beach was pretty awesome. I don't think I have really seen that that much. Jonny was back at the hotel with the boy. 

OH!! And we had a surprise visit from Uncle Butch and Auntie Helen... but they surprised us at the wrong hotel. hahaha. 

Didn't eat here with our kid. 

a fire in Ucuelet

Back home on the ferry! 


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