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Seaside Surf Trip: April 12 - 15, 2013

Links to Google Maps:
Home to the Tides by the Sea, Seaside, Oregon
Seaside, Oregon to Crab Pot Bellevue

This is the studio we booked at Tides by the Sea: Unit 134

upside down boy

It has been six months since our last adventure. (The boy has been one wild, all consuming adventure.) I am super excited to get out of town and to get into the water. 

What a great adventure. I love our family. It was awesome to get out of the city and have a mini vacation. It was a great trial run for the boy. Christian's first road trip! He was pretty good on the drive except for the last stretch. We also found out on the way home, when it was sunny, that the sun comes right through the sun roof and gets in his face. So, we covered his chair with a blanket and then we bought a screen from Walmart. We are going to have to figure out a better solution before we drive to LA. It is hot and sunny there in August for sure. Maybe we will have to get the windows tinted... more?? I don't know. We need to do some research. That little screen just kept falling down.

I was not blessed with the surf this trip. One of things that make surfing so amazing is that all the elements have to come into alignment to have a good day. So, when you do get that good day it is just that much more amazing.

We loved our little studio at The Tides. We will definitely be going back there. We could sit and watch the ocean and the pool from our room. Jonny was also able to make us crab in our little kitchenette. We decided that trying to go the Crab Pot on the way home and enjoy a meal wasn't going to happen with the boy. Instead, Jonny steamed us up some good ol' snow crab. Thanks Jonny Cakes! hahaha!

Crab in a pot... 

We walked down the promenade to the Sh-ilo a couple of times but the boy was not good at chilling. That is the perfect place to sit and watch the ocean. We will be back!

Swinging with the boy! 

Shhhh... ilo! 

There are outlets in Seaside and no tax. We took advantage of this and got some new clothes. Luckily for me the outlets aren't that big so we weren't shopping long. On the way home we hit the Walmart and the Seattle outlet ... and the Ross and the Old Navy. We are stocked up now and ready for spring!

He sleeps through shopping trips. 
Testing out a chair in Walmart. 

I had my fill of this stuff. I think we even left some in the hotel.  We can't party like we used to. 
ugh... I feel sick just looking at our food! It is good to be home to sushi land... and fresh juice! 

I got my forty! 

One thing about going away - it makes you appreciate your home, it revitalizes and refreshes you. Our family is happy to be home and we look forward to our next adventure.

This DVD rental machine outside of McDonald's got a lot of action  while we were sitting in the car.  What else are you going to do on a rainy Saturday in Seaside? Have these people not heard of the internet? Netflix?


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