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Jonny and I started my birthday dinner day, Tuesday, May 14th at the Bayside lounge. I had some chicken wings and he had some dry ribs. My view was beautiful. The ocean looked good too. (Did you get that one Jonny? I think your are a beautiful view!)

The Sylvia
We checked into the Sylvia Hotel. We had been planning this for almost a year. We talked and schemed about what would be the best anniversary tradition we could start. Neither of us have stayed there before but we both have some family stories from the Sylvia. It is old and has many stories. It is close to home but still in a beautiful location. We really made a great choice. Although the building inside is quite old, the view was amazing and the beds were super awesome!

Check out my new checkered kicks and English Bay! 
In the hallway at the Sylvia
Jonny's work made these shirts! 

At 6:30 we met Pat, Pam, Mom, Dad, Sam, Heidi, Belle, and Laya for dinner. We had a beautiful dinner at the Boathouse. The sun was shining and reflecting off the water and then we got to enjoy the sunset as well. It was a bit loud, and squishy though. 

I got to look at this mug all night! And as the clock struck midnight... I mean... 8:30.... and my happy Paula face disappeared and turned into a grumpy two year old up past her bed time. I ran away into the night losing my glass slipper... keeping both Vans on my feet but with one shiny new blister. 

I hear the party continued with bubbly, cakes, and ice cream long after I ran, with songs sung by a peculiar gay man. 

Once back at my palace, I started to feel bad. Jonny and I traipsed back out into the world to check and see if the family was still there. We decided it would be weird to just reappear so we decided to get an ice cream. The ice cream store had a line out the door so we went up the hill to the McD's. Inside was the most gay employee of McDonald's I have ever met. He worked his station with pride and shared his happiness with all of his customers and employees. He convinced us to try the Drumstick McFlurry. It was good but sweet! We walked back past the gazebo and down by the Inukshuk and sat on a log by the rocks. We looked out at the water and stars in the night and ate ice cream. 

And when I was sleeping my prince stayed awake to take photos of the night like a marauder. 

In the night - while getting up to pee a million times, I drifted back to sleep with the sound of the sea. We left the windows open so we could hear it even though it got a little chilly. The blanket was warm and fluffy. Somehow we managed to sleep till 7:30am. Then, I needed something to eat and make my tummy not feel sick. Jonny went on a mission to his favourite coffee shop on Denman. (The old BG where Emma used to work) He got me a hot chocolate and a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and he stole a knife - because the cream cheese did not come spread on the bagel. 
There he is in the side walk coming back to me.
Hi Jonny!!
And there I am in the corner window one down from the top. Look real close and you can see my head and hand waving.

This is my new hat from Sam and his fam. Cute eh? I made it my new running hat so every time I run Jonny can be with me. (And, I forgot my running hat at home - so I took it as a sign) Jonny went back to have a sit at his coffee shop and I hit the C wall. It was a gorgeous, sunny but chilly day. You can read about my run here if you are interested. But beware.. the end is kinda gross.

We had breakfast on Denman at The Grove. We eat here quite a lot on the weekends. It is a nice walk from our place and a good cheap breaky. 

 We walked back along the beach and sat on a bench. 
 Heading back to The Sylvia we saw and old guy parking his old car. 
 I don't think he had power steering. 
It was a little windy and chilly by the water. 
We had one last look at our view and headed downstairs to check out. 

A picture of a picture in The Sylvia. 
A picture of my Grandma in front of The Sylvia - Thanks Dad!

Where did we go next? We dropped off our bags at home and headed to the Sea Bus. We went to Lonsdale Quay. 

 We had salads. 

And walked to the end of a pier. We also walked up a big hill to go to RDS but it was GONE! We did go into Second Wave and look at surf boards. 

We got back on the sea bus... and by this time.. I am tuckered right out and my dogs are tired. BUT we trudged onward through pregnancy fatigue to the movies!! 

We ate popcorn and drank Frutopia and watched Dark Shadows. What a great way to end an awesome birthday anniversary!! Life is GOOD!! See the movie.. cause I am tired of writing this blog!! Till the next adventure!! 


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