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Back to the Outlets and the Crab Pot with Two Others - Feb. 17-19, 2012

We started off at Bob's Burgers at the Outlets with some snackies!! Shopping fuel.

We saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang out the window and sang, "Oo ee oo aa aa ding dang walla walla bing bang. Oo ee oo aa aa ching chang walla walla bing bang." Not the right song but we couldn't remember the chitty chitty bang bang song.

First stop at the Outlets was the Nike store where I got a green pair of airs for $45!! WHAT? Then of course we had to look for any new P hats. Sam found some cheese. Could he still be hungry? NOPE! He was feisty and wanted to hit Jonny with the cheese. I think Jonny liked it. 
Wow! SAM got a new watch... wait.. Sam got TWO new watches. BALLA! 
The Marriot lounge. We made it! YAY! Let's take some pictures. SMILE! 
Getting silly at The Crab Pot! Wearing our bibs like Grandpa! 
Sam doesn't need a bib! Sam... sit down!! HI!!! 
The next morning I went for my first run in a year and a half. I ran about 3km in 15 minutes along the water. It was very pretty but very cold. I was soooooooooo happy it didn't hurt at all.. and I was moving!! I was running!! I AM FREE!! I am UNSCREWED!! YAY!! 
Good morning Jonny Cakes!

Jonny tried out his travel studio and got a coffee and off to a FRESH start! 
We walked all over the city. 

Till we found VONS. Sam had a small, cold Pabst. 
I had a big, big STELLA... and then I felt normal again. 

Then we went to THE BLARNEY STONE. This was our favourite spot. Heidi and I played darts and Sam and Jonny played pool. Heidi also found a snackie that she really liked here... something Corned Beef Hash in a pastry... I thought Grandpa would like this too. I remember he liked corned beef hash... I remember not liking it. 
The bartender gave us a list of bars that we might like.

We walked through the night until we got to ... Shorty's! 
We played some games!! 
The next morning Jonny got his steak and eggs. He really only wanted the steak. 
We ate pretty unhealthily the whole trip... but the last stop at Jack in the Box was the last straw for my tummy.(we were looking for DQ and ice cream) Jonny and I have been eating salads ever since this trip. I am finally feeling better again!  

 Thanks to mom and pops for sponsoring our lavish stay at the Marriott on the water. I will never forget my first run!! We really appreciate it... but I think you should come with us next time!! Love you!! 


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