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Bali and Taipei: July 19 - August 21, 2011

This was Jonny's first time to Bali and our first time to Taipei. We walked, we surfed, I yoged (Bikram Yoga Bali), we scooted, we went to Andrea's wedding, and we had a lot of time to hang out together. And we still like each other a lot.. maybe even more... hahaha... 
This is the day before we flew. We were drinking beers and eating chicken wings on Robson street. The sky was stormy and it rained shortly after. I remember getting an e-mail from my mom about them having really bad storms in Langley. It had been a really crappy two weeks that didn't feel or look anything like July. It was time to go! 
These are the shirts we made to bring our friends in Bali. 
These are the first two beers that we had on the flight. Our plane left at the 2am and we figured we could get some beer in the airport before we left but there was nothing open. These were good beers. Soon after, I fell asleep and Jonny was able to procure 5 more. 
We made it to Taipei Airport. Tired. We had about five hours here.. if I remember correctly. Here is what we did: 

We had one more shorter flight to Bali and when we got there we had Bintangs! 

My foot was really, really swollen after the flights. On the way back I took my socks and shoes off and I had no swelling! This picture is so gross!! I actually had put my sock halfway around my foot on the second flight because my ankle was getting fat but this just squished all the swelling to my toes. It felt so weird. 
Dewa picked us up at the airport but Andrea wasn't with him. She was in Signapore. We saw them the next day at Roma. YAY! 

I needed a haircut and got a BIG one for 5 bucks. I guess it wasn't in the cards for me to grow my hair. I have yucky long hair anyways. 
 This is the inside of our home... where we lived for a month. It was the first time that I lived in the garden instead of living with the family. 
 This is the view from our patio.
This is Salu. She is one of our favourite dogs at Komala. She just had puppies and Jonny nick named her Nippley.
Jonny's other friend Gecko! 
 Jonny not going into the turtle. 
Jonny kissing the turtle. This turtle is home to many baby turtles.
Then of course we had Andrea's wedding. These are a little of order... but whatever. Here is Dewa on his wedding day.
 Adam's friend, Andrea, and Adam.
Jonny's friend in Candidasa before we went to Nusa Penida. He really wanted to bring this guy home.
Geeky me in my motorbike glasses.
 I mean scooter.
 Annina!! Baniener!!
This was my favourite Nasi Campur! YUM! And notice the turtle shaped rice.. how can you not like that? 
One of Andrea's wedding party dinners in Candidasa.
This was in the bathroom in a restaurant in Candidasa. Jonny took a picture of it.
Jonny's beer ... I think Annina and I are swimming with a dead body right now. No wait... look way back... there we are in the background.
Annina and I in the restaurant at the Candidasa hotel.
Milly and Jonny - best buds!! hahaha!
 Annina watching the wedding.
The dancer girls... Andrea and Dewa in the background.

Milly stole Jonny's hat.
Creepy dancer mask people... very funny! Stand up comedy really...
This one did a transport dance.

 This was the TV antenna in our room in Nusa Penida... scary!! (It didn't work!!) It was cool to almost have TV!

Our awesome... but mosquito filled bathroom in Candidasa.

These two photos are where Dewa's family lives and where we hung out with people for the wedding.

Andrea and the boys.
The dancer girls.
A closeup of Dewa's earrings.
 Jonny getting a proper hat.
Andrea and Dewa
The two families together.
This is the beach where we caught the ferry to Nusa Penida.
Candidasa - Jonny and Annina! Time to go swimming!
A rock island that looks like a whale.
Jonny shining in the sun.
Annina shining!
Annina and I smiling in the sun.. we love to ride the scooters.
Jonny sitting by some boats while we were waiting for the ferry.
The view from the ferry - looking back where we came from. 
It is time to find our way back to Kuta. Jonny got a ride in a car and Annina and I drove the bikes back. It was a much easier ride back without Jonny on the back. Annina and I beat the car too. They got held up by a kite festival.
We were happy to get back to Kuta... back home! Here is me heading out for a surf with my new surf board. This board was made in Canada at Aftanas.
Annina was sleepy and decided to have a nap at our "living room" Roma.
I was attacked by a statue.
The coldest beer in Bali is at Piggys!
Jonny drew on the Daddy'z sticker. This was the door in our home.
What the hell is this? Tap Out and lame "fake" skate boards???
How do these two things even go together.
This is a a normal McDonald's breakfast: Fried chicken, scrambled egg, and rice. (and hot sauce!) We went to McDonald's in the mornings a lot so Jonny could get a coffee and we could use the WIFI.
This is always a smart choice!
A big ass beattle! Andrea was very brave and removed it for us. hahaha.. we weren't scared though.
These are some of the things that we saw on the walls. Street art. Dirty bunnies!
Bendy, skinny painter dude.
This is half of what it is now. The next day there was a whole other dog on the other side. This looks to be done by the same person who did the bendy guy.
 This just looks like it would hurt. I wouldn't want to touch my heart... or loose my eye ball...
These are some pretty cool bees.
This is the art that we put up on our wall in our room. We were looking for a poster... but couldn't find one. This magazine poster did the trick and my green duct tape came in handy!!
I got a rash from my new stomp pad. Now I wear board shorts when I surf. Problem solved!
Jonny's new froggy friend.
The view from The Balcony.
The Balcony restaurant. Yummy mashed potatoes and meat or fish on big sticks!
These are Bali's attempt at chicken wings???!!!
The prawns at Roma are much cuter!! Love prawns. (Jonny doesn't love heads and feet)
Rhido wearing Sam's new helmet.  Thanks for the bubble wrap!!
Fajar looking scary!!
Kuta beach
Fadil in the sunset. His name on FB is spelled Badiel but I have been calling him Fadil for years and maybe the name of facebook is just a fake spelling... BADil does sound pretty cool. Jonny called him Lil' Wayne. I think I will roll with Lil' Wayne to avoid confusion.
Sponsored by Coca Cola.
 Kuta streets.
Jonny sitting on the side of the street chatting with a local.
 His and hers party beers.
 Our patio.
Wayan, Yeoman, and myself. 

It is always sad when we it is time to leave Bali. At least we had one more mini vacation left. We had a stop over in Taipei for 5 days. It was the only way to get the cheap tickets!! 
 View from the plane.
This is our hotel!! It had hot water, TV, and a buffet with all you can drink beer! We spent a lot of time in the hotel thanks to the steamy, humid heat.

The first morning we got up and followed the hotel map around. We found McDonalds and I got a shrimp burger. The best thing about McDonalds is the air conditioning! I really can't believe how much I am advertising McDonalds and how much we went. I guess this is what happens when you get married.. you have to eat at McDonalds? hahaha... 
 Here are some pics we took of Taipei streets.
 Bars and pubs don't seem to open up in the day. I don't think people go out in the day because it is too hot. They all come out at night. We would sleep at night.
Why doesn't Canada do this? We pay people to stand there and wave flags.
Look Jonny... more scooters!! Your favourite!!
 Way to build a building.. looks scary!
I don't know what this is a picture of.. but here it is...
More street shots.
 Oh.. Pizza Hut scooters. We had pizza in the hotel room a couple of times.
Kids playing B Ball.

 That's me... Sweaty P!
More park shots... This park was right across the street from our hotel. 
Rollerblading rink - speed skating?? In the park. 
The park had weird exercise machines to play on.
 They didn't do much but they did make me smile!
 All that exercise made me pretty! (hahaha... JK! I ran out of clean clothes!)
Night shots

 The night market by our hotel. Just so you know.. it was still stifling hot.. especially with all the cooking and people... I had 2 popsicles to keep me cool on this night market walk.

Jonny found meat at the buffet. How can you say no to all you can drink beer??
  I found raspberry sherbet and a chocolate fountain.
Smoked salmon caesar salad that I got at our hotel. Look at the pretty salmon rose.
 Coy fishies outside our hotel.
 This scary pig is also outside our hotel.
We have a fridge!!! 
You can drink beer in the Family Mart. It is also air conditioned. We had eight hours to waste between when we had to leave our hotel and when our flight left. We went and saw Final Destination 5 (which was all filmed in Vancouver), drank at the Family Mart, and then we ate the dinner buffet back at the hotel. 
They sell everything at the Family Mart. I got Hello Kitty CD's for school and a car charger kit for Ipods  and other USB charging devices. We collected so many stickers that I got to choose a Astro Boy doll puzzle to put together. Fun! 
Our hotel servers. The female was trying to steal my husband!! I am pretty sure she is going to crop this picture!! Oh well... BYE TAIPEI!!! 

I hope you enjoyed our trip. I know we did. We are both looking forward to going back to Bali.. not so much Taipei (and it isn't because of the girl trying to steal my husband - it is the heat.. I swear!)


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