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Bay View State Park and Seattle - From the Woods to the City! June 24 - 27, 2011

Jonny and I decided to get out of the city for the weekend. We did one night of camping at the Bay View State Park in Washington and then a couple of nights at the SeaTac in Seattle, Washington. Check it out: First of all, here is Jonny with one of my old hoodies on... why??? Cause on the way to camping we stopped at Ross and he dorkily forgot his American Apparel hoodie at the Ross while he was trying on T-shirts. He got a little too excited. We have now boycotted the Ross in Bellingham and will not buy any more AA Hoodies. (We went back to see if they had a lost and found but they said they must have hung it up and sold it???) 
Anywho, back to camping! This is Bay View State Park. We got in about 7:30. Jonny started a fire and we cooked some shrimps and chicken on sticks. Quiet time starts at 10. This place had a lot of rules. A LOT! It seemed to us as if someone had too much time on their hands and enjoyed making signs. I think that person needs to get out into the real world for a while and maybe find a new hobby! The place seemed sad. 
OH!! This is a good one!! hahaha!! I had gum surgery right before we left and I couldn't feel the left side of my face. We got randomly pulled over for a check at the border too - haha.. It is hard to talk normal with half a frozen face. I hate that feeling. Not a good time to go and talk to border dudes. 
I was in charge of the tarp. Luckily it didn't rain - below - that is a sun dance! 
The leatherman!! 
chicken on sticks
shrimp on sticks - potatoes in tin foil 
eggs in tin foil - peace! 
Jonny cooking with sticks! 
Jonny checking out the map on the bathroom trail. 
Playing with panorama shots on a walk to the beach. 

Action shot! 
Squinty P
Driving P! 
Seattle Light Rail! SO- we didn't want to spend $200 a night to stay in Seattle... so we found a way!! We got a cheap hotel - the SeaTac Inn $50 and took the Light Rail right into the city. It is the same as the Sky Train except it goes on the road. It is weird to be right beside people in their cars. It cost $11 for both of us all day and it was about a 45 minute ride to the city centre. 
This was our first stop in the city - pizza and a Stella. We watched the Rock and Roll marathoners walk around after they had finished their long runs!! 
IAN!!!!!!!!!!! Best room mate ever!! 
Shorty's Bar
I really don't remember why I was touching my nose??? 
Peace out water view! 
Here it is!! THE CRAB POT!!! 
I had the hiccups and could do nothing but go home and pass out after this meal! We recommend everyone go here at least once and I look forward to one day being there with mom, dad, Sam, Belle, Laya, and Heidi!! 

There is a P for Paula at the bottom of my beer glass!! 
View from our hotel: The Sea Tac Inn. Across the way is the airport. 
Jonny playing with the camera while I am napping! Thanks Jonny!
Trying to take a photo in the mirror. 
Good morning!! 
Scary face!! What did you say I looked like again Jonny? A Smurf?? 
View from the Light Train - some dinosaur art. 
Down by the water pointing at the city scape. Look - it is sunny!!! 
Jonny by the water. 
Posing by the carousel. 
Posing by the Stella's at the Blarney Stone. We were watching some characters roll by after the Pride parade. 
Shorty's again! 
Keep trying Jonny - it isn't all water! 
Still trying... 

Wall art on the walk back to University station. 
Pike Place Market sign from our walk back to the station. 
Sam is always watching ... 
Beauty and bounty ... that is SAM! (Seattle Art Museum) 
Train station - going back to the hotel. 
Bathroom art in Shorty's. 
More bathroom art. 
Stopped at the Nike outlet on the way home and got Jonny some new hoodies... and I got the cutest pair of Nike Airs for Kelly's new boy William!! 
We finished off our trip at the Olive Garden in Bellingham - when we stopped to look for Jonny's hoodie. We got the all you can eat soup, salad, and bread sticks with non-stop pop - $20 for both of us. WOW!! We were so full.. and it wasn't THAT unhealthy. We also did a cruise through Birch Bay to see if we would want to do a camping trip there sometime. BUT.. that place looked SAD! Even the water slides are for sale. It is beautiful.. but run down. I remember that place being so fun when I was a kid. 

Well, that is our clamping - city adventure. The highlight was definitely The CRAB POT!! 


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