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Easter Love Weekend

 Our weekend getaway started with a walk to The Grove on Denman to get some breaky. It was a beautiful, sunny day so we had to stop and get a picture with our favourite art dudes. These guys make us happy!

 Then we got into the truck and headed to the Sea to Sky highway. First stop: Taco Bell!! We ate outside in the sun by the train tracks. A hippie said hi to us.

 Next, we stopped to get some wind shield wipers at Canadian Tire and then we got a beer at the Griz. We decided this would be a good place to stop and we got a hotel room at the Sea To Sky... I think that was what it was called.
 Here is me pointing at a grizzly bear scratching his back on a tree... kinda reminds me.. of someone.. hmmm... DAD!
 That's me pointing to our hotel.
 This is Jonny standing by the river. We went for a walk to a nice little pub on the river.
 I am sitting on a bench that I thought my dad would appreciate. It is made out of twisted wood.
 Sunshine Jonny!
 Jonny in Whistler with his coffee from the BG.
 Happy Easter skate park bunny!
 Jonny wishes he brought his skate board...
 We drove up to Pemberton and turned around and came back to Horseshoe Bay. This is our new favourite getaway.
 Toe dipping and shadow watching.
 mmm... a switch on fire place.. .how romantic!

 Back home we finished off our weekend with a special dinner at the Keg. It was my first time having crab. It was DELICIOUS!


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