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Puerto Escondido Christmas Adventure - Sin Olas :-(

OK! So, a crew of us went down to Puerto Escondido for Christmas via PHX, MEX, HUALTUCO and pick up truck to PE. I expected the waves to be too big and scary for me and my fresh ankle but there was nothing! I guess my mom talked to the wave gods and told them I was coming and that I needed my rest. Thanks a lot?? Anywho - here are some pics from the trip:

This is me in the car park of SUPER CHE - the grocery store. I was having my first Modelo - 4.5% makes me sleepy!
Rich and I returning from a baby wave sesh - my bikini matches my leash!
Emma looking hot in the shade of a palapa.
Peace out!!
The girl on my shirt is so RUDE!
Kyra and Roger's pad.
The view from the roof.
Everyone is at the beach! This was an awesome day :-)
Fun close up in the water pictures!!

El Salvador! This is on the side of the little mercado.
Merry Christmas! We have Christmas hats!!
Luke kissing the wrong way.
Archie in the Christmas toque!



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