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Chicken Surf 2010

On the way to Richie's house we stopped at McDonald's to get him some cheeseburgers. There are no fast food places near his home. Port Alberni is the closest place for crap food.

Below is Emma pointing as a good picture poser should. This is in the Cinemocha? where we ate breakfast the morning of our surf. I had hot chocolate and a banana, chocolate chip, oatmeal muffin. Yum!
We tried to rent wet suits at this place but it was closed. It is hard to get used to island time and not being able to get anything you want when you want it. (Like Reactin!!!! ) This surf shop had cool stickers on the door but no sign to tell you what its hours are. Maybe they don't have set hours?
Jonny in the navigator seat. It is a hard seat to fill. Emma is the number one navigator.
Gay love on the beach shots.

Emma is trying to budge the seaweed. No luck.. it is stuck! Pop them with your feet and release the stink!
Boys on the way into the Co-Op for fire food.
Yup.. we are shopping!
Jonny wants King Crab... maybe some other day Jonny!
Jonny, me and jalepeno and cheese smokies. YUM! That was my first time eating food filled weiners.. greasey goodness!
Jonny and the smokies again.
Emma... Oh my!
Ta da!! The FIRE! Richie the fire man made a good fire.
Jonny's food stick.. nicely carved with the leatherman.
Emma and her first smokie. She has smokie squat cooking skills!

Yum! Look at our beautiful beach view. We are the only ones on the beach... I think.

The fire.

Richie... waiting for food to cook.
Jonny... about to cook the perogie.
Toasting up a cheese and bacon perogie. This was my first time eating perogies over the fire... I like food on sticks. Good food times.

Emma... nice and calm and relaxed.
Emma... found a wig on the table. hahaha!

Jonny had to try the wig too.

Breakfast at the Black Rock. (fancy pants restaurant on the ocean)

Emma getting her tattoo... on the inside of her arm. Buckets buckets buckets...
It is going to go right there!!!
OMG.. I can't lay like this anymore.. ow!!!
Jonny.. let's go adventuring. Where to? Why a pub of course!! Nachos and beer here we come!
Another good pointing picture pose.
Nice face!
AWW! Puke! hahaha!
times two! hahaha!!
Buckets, buckets, buckets

Otis the cat tried to kill me. Stores in Ucculet wouldn't sell me Reactin because the till was closed.. so I died the first night... the second night I slept in the truck... I couldn't even breathe.. even with the Reactin.
Dogs chilling on a truck.
I had two toques in here.. one for me and one for Emma.. from Auntie Shirley.. now where did they go???? (thanks Luke!! He found them on the road in Courtney frozen to the road. It is dark in Courtney... I must have dropped them when we picked up Emma)
This is so comfortable. I could wear this suit all the time.
I love a good tail gate party.
Let's GO!
I am going first!
Bye Richie!!
Girlie surf!! Let's hug first!!

WOO HOO!! I am in the water!
The water is clear and pretty!
Are you cold yet?
Can you feel it yet? No... you?
I can feel it in my bootie!! (not Booootaaay Jonny!)
I am still warm. I love sun!
That was awesome!
Half a Jonny.
Emma returns.. but not unscathed... ow my shoulder!!
blue skies!
Road trip driving shot!
Setting up the camp fire and carving sticks.
It is getting dark.. we better run back through the trail in the mud before we are out of light!


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